Who is FAN?

Karel | Apr 28, 2021

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The Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN) is a registered South African non-profit company that

  • EMPOWERS young South Africans to become problem solvers in their own lives and communities;
  • BUILDS relationships of trust between young South Africans from all backgrounds to confront problems together; and
  • CONNECTS freedom-loving young South Africans to fight for an accountable, honest, effective, and limited government.

How FAN Empowers, Builds, and Connects

Young South Africans represent a massive proportion of our population. So, to EMPOWER, BUILD, and CONNECT in the fight for freedom, FAN does what no-one else is really willing to do: we fight for the real, constructive, non-racial, constitutional freedoms of young South Africans.

FAN campaigns on four key issues: education, sport, jobs, and voting rights. These issues occupy unique positions in the lives of our country’s youth and the empowerment of our country’s future voters, leaders, job creators, educators, and sporting heroes.

FAN's Vision

A prosperous and free South Africa where active and engaged citizens, young and old, work together across differences to solve problems, supported by accountable, honest, effective, and limited government.

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