South Africa's young people deserve better than government failures

Did you know that only 5 out of every 100 children that start school in South Africa will pass matric with 50% or higher in mathematics?

South Africa’s government education system ranks among the lowest in the world for literacy and numeracy. If young people can’t read and write, how can they hope for a better future?

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Through our Freedom To Learn campaign, FAN (The Freedom Advocacy Network) is fighting for a better education for all.

We are taking aim at all obstacles that stand in the way of bright, hardworking young South Africans getting the quality education they deserve.

To win the fight to save our country, we must win the fight for better education for bright, hardworking children in South Africa. South Africa’s young people, our children and grandchildren, deserve better than government failures.

For as little as R80 per month, you can make a difference to the futures of young South Africans.

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The FAN Lifeboat Bursary Program >

Help us save bright, hardworking kids from failing public schools through our crowdfunded bursary program.

Legal actions to remove obstacles to "Freedom to Learn" >

Help us fight in court to remove legal obstacles that prevent young people from fulfilling their academic potential.

Strategic lobbying and promotion of FAN's Freedom To Learn Bill >

Help us change the law to put the needs of hardworking young people first, to give parents a stronger voice, and to save our schools from cadres, cronies, and politicians.

We must win the fight for better education for bright, hardworking children in South Africa.

"Thank heavens for organizations like FAN that serve freedom and the people of South Africa. Thank you so very much."
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"Well done, guys! Keep on fighting for justice in this corrupt country."
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Are you ready to make a difference to save South African children form Government failures?

FAN is fighting for a better education for all South Africans, from primary school to university level.

We campaign for non-racialism in schools, for a parent’s right to choose their child’s education, and against race quotas at universities.

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"Thank you so much for all you do for us!!!!!!"
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"Thank you for your willingness to act on behalf of human rights."
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Empower citizens.

Build trust.

Connect freedom-loving people.

This is how we win the fight for freedom.

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These are the three ways FAN is fighting for a better education for all:

Lifeboat Bursary Program

The FAN’s Freedom To Learn Lifeboat Bursary Program fights for a brighter future for all South Africans by finding bright, hardworking young people from poor backgrounds, and equipping them with the resources they need to get the quality education they deserve in low-fee private schools. We accomplish this through crowdfunding education bursaries on a scale never before attempted in South Africa.

Where state-run schools are failing, low-fee private schools are empowering their students to face the future with skills and confidence. And with the monthly donations of decent people who want to see South Africa succeed, FAN and our supporters are doing our bit to save our beautiful country from government failures.

Like the majority of South Africans, FAN believes firmly in putting the racism of the past where it belongs – in the past. At FAN we stand for non-racialism, for treating someone not as just a race or a number, but as an individual with dignity, talents, and hopes. This is why there is no and will never be any racial consideration or criteria in FAN’s Freedom To Learn Lifeboat Bursary Program. It’s not about pointing fingers in the past, but about building for the future, about a South Africa where hard work pays.

With your help in the form of a manageable monthly contribution, FAN’s Freedom To Learn Lifeboat Bursary Program can nurture the problem solvers of tomorrow – the leaders, the sporting legends, the job creators our country so desperately needs. Join FAN and together we will make the dreams of bright, hardworking young people come true.

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The FAN Freedom To Learn Bill

South Africa’s education laws, especially those laws relating to school, primary and secondary education, need to change.

It is a disgrace that South African parents, especially from poorer communities, have essentially no say over the quality of their children’s education. This must change and FAN is fighting to make it happen.

To accomplish this change, a key part of FAN’s Freedom To Learn campaign is the strategic and tactical lobbying to promote the FAN Freedom To Learn Bill, a piece of legislation that FAN has drafted with the help of experts – a piece of legislation that, if FAN gets enough support from people like you, we can promote and fight for to be adopted by Parliament.

The FAN Freedom To Learn Bill is ready to go, ready to become law and give South African parents a real say in the education of their children. Through enough public pressure through traditional and non-traditional media, through public and private consultations and meetings with policymakers, and with your help, FAN will achieve its aim of transforming South Africa’s schools through a change of the law.


The best data shows that more than 80% of South African parents want their children to receive a good education from qualified teachers, irrespective the skin colour of the teacher. This shows how great the desire is for good schools and a good education system that gives bright, hardworking young people the opportunities they deserve.

It's time for a change. Where government fails, decent South Africans, people like you must step up. With your help, this is a fight we will win.

Join FAN today BECAUSE your contribution can make the difference.

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