The Fight for Your Child’s FREEDOM is Worth Funding

Karel | Mar 04, 2022
“Freedom is a fragile thing and it's never more than one generation away from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan

Freedom in South Africa is under threat. Young South Africans are leaving. South Africa is losing not only our children and grandchildren, but the future of freedom and millions who can fight for it.

Young South Africans represent a massive proportion of our population. FAN does what no-one else is really willing to do: we fight for the real, constructive, non-racial, constitutional freedoms of young South Africans.

FAN campaigns on four key issues: education, sport, jobs, and voting rights. These issues occupy unique positions in the lives of our country’s youth and the empowerment of our country’s future voters, leaders, job creators, educators, and sporting heroes.

#FreedomToLEARN is about making sure hardworking young South Africans get the education they deserve – an education that will empower them to be the generation that saves South Africa once and for all from the anti-freedom and race-based ideas that have kept South Africans from fulfilling their potential.

#FreedomToPLAY is about taking aim at any and all obstacles that stand in the way of talented and hardworking young South Africans who wish to excel in soccer, cricket, rugby, and netball.

#FreedomToEARN is about defeating the obstacles that stand in the way of young South Africans with talent and work getting a fair shot at employment.

#FreedomToLEAD is about saving South Africa’s democracy. This means educating young South Africans about voting and empowering them to take active, constructive, and effective part in our country’s government – now and in the future.

FAN is fighting for the freedom of children and grandchildren, and the future of South Africa where non-racial freedom is enjoyed by all. Will you do your bit?

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