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Karel | Apr 13, 2021

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Education in South Africa: No bang for our buck
Simpe Jonas
Jan 16, 2022

When it comes to questions around SA’s education system, it is not a matter of availability of money and how much is spent. Rather, it is about the management and proper allocation of available resources.

Five victories for the South African citizen in 2021
Tariq Khan
Dec 04, 2021

South Africa has experienced many challenges in 2021. From poor political leadership right through to electricity-supply challenges at Eskom. The fact that SA continues to endure, despite these challenges, is a sign that it has the potential to succeed.

Why property rights are a keystone of freedom
Terence Corrigan
Nov 28, 2021

“Redistribution and (where appropriate) restitutionary processes may be supported – on the merits of any given case – on both moral and pragmatic grounds, but they should be geared at producing better property rights.”

Six incredible innovations created by South Africans
Tariq Khan
Nov 18, 2021

From life-saving surgeries to online ticketing services and fire-proofing shacks, South Africans are at the forefront of pioneering innovations that help not only locals, but people around the world.

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