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Karel | Apr 13, 2021

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A simple explanation of the Rule of Law for South Africans
Chris Patterson
Oct 17, 2022

The rule of law is crucial to the efficient and effective operation of modern society. Without it, life would be one jumbled mess, where inequality reigned supreme and double standards were the order of the day.

What does “Service Delivery” actually mean?
Chris Patterson
Sep 21, 2022

‘Service Delivery’ is a hot topic in South African life. Read on to find out what it entails and what you can do to demand accountability for it and ensure that it gets done.

6 Reasons why there is Big Business in Small Business
Simesihle Zulu
Aug 05, 2022

Did you know that Spaza shops alone contribute 5.2% to the country’s GDP every year? Yes! And the informal business sector in South Africa holds much more potential for the growth and development of our country.

The ANC’s attack on schools. It never stops, does it?
Chris Patterson
Jul 04, 2022

Accountability is not cancelled by moving the goal posts. Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, has proposed amendments to would allow her to remove the deadlines previously set by her Department to replace pit latrines and provide basic services such as water and electricity.

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