LISTEN: Classical Liberalism is the only ideology that can save South Africa

Alex Weiss | May 07, 2022
From the pavements of Lebowakgomo, to the church squares of Makhanda and highways of Johannesburg, the Classical Liberal school of thought which promotes freedom and tolerance, is the key to unlocking South Africa’s prosperity.

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LISTEN: Classical Liberalism is the only ideology that can save South Africa

Lebowakgomo is a small township 50km south east of Polokwane, the capital of the Limpopo province. You’ve probably not heard of it before but this is where the Freedom Advocacy Network’s (FAN) Advocacy and Operations Manager, Tiego Thotse, was born and raised. It was here that his impulse to fight for freedom through Classical Liberalism began.

In a radio interview with Sara Gon, Tiego discusses his experience in the Fallist Movements while at Rhodes University, his spiritual journey along Christianity and traditional healing as well as his Classical Liberal awakening after being exposed to the work of renowned economist, Thomas Sowell.

Oh and did I mention that Tiego also ran as a ward councillor in Makhanda in the 2021 Local General Elections?

Speaking about his role at FAN, Tiego says, “My job, is to ensure that everything we do is in line with the classical liberal school of thought and everything that we do is to advance this ideology given that it is the only ideology that can save us as a country.”

Listen to the full interview here:

2022.04.12 – Tiego Thotse – Coming to classical liberalism



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