Karel | May 26, 2021

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South African sport and the vexed issue of race
Marius Roodt
Oct 24, 2021

Sport in South Africa has had the vicious ghost of racism lurking over it for over a century. Today, it faces a toxic mix of race-based quotas at the top level and insufficient infrastructure and support at the grassroot level.

Are you a classical liberal?
Tariq Khan
Oct 21, 2021

Unlike socialism which seeks to empower dictators, classical liberals envision a society that empowers everyone, with policies that promote freedom, individualism, the rule of law, and tolerance.

Six local contests to follow in the November 1 election
Alex Weiss
Oct 20, 2021

Local rather than national sentiment matters the most in deciding the outcome in metros, and local and district municipalities. Here are six local contests that are worth keeping an eye on in the November 1 election.

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