Stop racial discrimination in South Africa’s universities

Karel | Apr 09, 2021
Universities in South Africa are discriminating against applicants on the basis of race. This racism, fuelled by toxic ideas and ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT), is costing countless young South Africans the education and future they deserve.

Too many young people have left our country. Too many futures have been destroyed by failed policies. Too many white kids have been told they are oppressors and too many black kids have been told they are weak.

Race-based admission policies must stop.

The Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN) is willing to fight this fight and win. FAN’s legal team is building cases against all universities that discriminate on the basis of race. We’re gearing up to take this fight all the way to the Constitutional Court.

If you care about fixing South Africa, giving all young people the university education they deserve, join and support FAN today! We can only win with your support.

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